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The most effective treatment for snow and ice wherever you live! Calcium Chloride is safe around children, pets, and is less corrosive than Sodium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride. Hico Calcium Chloride is up to 8 times more effective than salt alone. If you're concerned about the safety of your customers and employees, and you want help to avoid slips, falls, fender benders, and lawsuits. look no further than Hico Calcium Chloride.

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Calcium Chloride Pellets  208-358-2068

Calcium Chloride Peladow 

has some distinct advantages over anything you've ever used.  Spread around downspouts and snow piles to keep melt water from refreezing, keeping trouble spots safer for walking.  And for BLACK ICE - nothing works faster or better than CaCl Peladow  



Asphalt Sealant With Micro-Lock Technology

The Science of sealcoat has been developed and improved over nearly 2 decades here at Road Work Ahead. By working with sealcoaters and listening to their concerns we have fine tuned our ingredients and process and we're proud to be the most trusted sealcaot brand in the inter-mountain northwest!  

The sealcoat season is short but we crank out more than a million gallons a year, and each batch is carefully measured and controlled by computers so our consistency is legend!

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38% CaCl Dust Control

In our Pro-Spec Line up of products the 38% CaCl Dust Control is by far the easiest to work with, easy to apply, easy to clean up, easy to understand!

Dust in farm country costs millions of dollars in fuel due to clogged air filters alone! Use it once and you'll wonder where it's been all this time. Hit the button below to get details on pricing and tank delivery!

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