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Image by Mitchell Luo

Trailers, Trailers, and Trailers

Road Work Ahead has industry leading trailers that you cannot find anywhere else. We continue to innovate to make trailers to suit your needs.

Image by Tim Foster

The Universal Water Trailer

1,000 gal water trailer_edited.jpg

This Trailer Is KING

Forget those little 500 gallon trailers. This trailer drowns the competition. Versatile for whatever job comes your way. This trailer offers easy operation and easy repair. Use it for dust abatement, irrigation, mobile wash, emergency firefighting, or whatever comes your way. With two  7,000 lb torsion axels and a heavy duty frame, this  baby can handle the load!

Image by J K

The Potable Water Trailer

Delivering Clean Water

This water trailer is designed with your community in mind. 1,000 gallons of Potable Water can be dispatched to communities in need during small emergencies or even large emergencies. The heavy duty frame and high clearance makes it possible to get to the hard to reach locations. Great for mobilizing to the mountains to provide firefighters with drinking water during hot summer wildfires. Multiple options available to keep your operations moving.

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