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Truck Mounted Attenuator

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The overall length of the Scorpion II TA is only 17' 10", the shortest on the market.

The Scorpion II is equipped with omnivolt LED brake, directional, signal and running lights to further enhance advanced warnings to drivers.

We certify Traffix Devices Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) Systems.

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After 17 years on the road, over 2,000 documented impacts, and thousands of lives saved across the globe, the Scorpion TMA's Patented design is the safest and most reliable Truck Mounted Attenuator available today!


The Scorpion II TMA consists of strut and cartridge sections that are linked together on a support frame. This open cartridge design reduces wind resistance and increases fuel efficiency when deployed on the job site and when traveling at highway speeds. Each energy absorbing cushion has an Aluminum honeycomb core that is enclosed by aluminum powder coated box module that provides maximum durability and longevity.

Traffic Mounted Attenuator
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Crash Attenuator w/ CDL Driver ($1,150/day, $65 extra an hour after 8hrs)

Weight: 1,975 lbs (900 kg)

Length: Travel/Storage 2'5" (.74 m)

               Deployed 12' 10" (3.93 m)

Width: 8' (2.45 m)

Height: Travel/Storage 10' 6" (3.05 m)

              Deployed 12" +/- 1" (305 mm +/- 24.4 mm)

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When impacted, the Scorpion's modular design crushes in progressive stages, which reduces the impact forces on the vehicles occupants and results in lower repair costs and easy parts replacement.

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The Scorpion II TA can be used on support vehicles with a minimum curb/actual weight of 12,000 lbs with no upper weight limit (infinite weight). With the Telescoping Anti-Rotational System (TARS™), the Scorpion II TA remained attached to the host vehicle and pintle hook during all impact testing. TARS minimizes the rotation of the Scorpion II during angled and offset impacts and prevents the attenuator from separating from its host vehicle.


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