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Image by Courtney Chestnut

V-Plow V-Position

Versatility at its finest

The Hiniker Torsion-Trip V-Plows offers versatility that only a V-Plow can.  In the V- Position you can push snow with ease to both sides creating a path free of snow.  Best position for the narrow paths with less clean up.

Image by James Donovan

V-Plow Scoop Position

Push it where you need it

The scoop position allows for maximum control to push the snow where you need it to go.  Best for cleaning up and trails left behind or for precision placement on your dedicated snow pile area.

Trucks W Background.jpg
Image by Filip Zrnzević

V-Plow Left & Right Position

Pick a side, any side

Pick which side you want to push the snow to.  With the Left and Right positions of the V-plow, you can push the snow to the left or the right now matter which direction you are traveling.  Get the snow to know who's in control.

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