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Road Work Ahead has been manufacturing Pro-Spec Asphalt Sealant (Sealcoat) since 2003. Pro-Spec Sealcoat is a mineral-fill, water-based, asphalt emulsion material that is both environmentally friendly and protects your pavement from the ravages of UV and water damage. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, utilizing proprietary automated production techniques to ensure a quality product every time.

3 convenient locations in Twin Falls, Boise, and Caldwell. We also deliver our Pro-Spec Sealcoat to Idaho, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, Oregon, and Washington.

We are open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, and offer Credit, as well as Cash Sales. Call 208-734-4444.

PRO-SPEC SEALCOAT is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and does not contain organic solvents. No hazardous fumes are given off in the curing process.

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